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Harry Potter and the...

Subtle Science of Potion Making

Kami Kami Kami
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Date Created:2004-05-03
Number of Posts: 45

Kami is beautiful, fun, creative and better than everyone. She likes to reaad fanfiction, and masturbate to Finding Nemo. Strangers think she is snobby. Friends think she is bitchy. And EVERYONE thinks she is belittling and probably every derogatory word you can think of. In other words steer clear of her. And don't bother to friend her.
Strengths: Lovely, creative, proud and every other wonderful word. Bitchy, belittling, snobby, arrogant, hateful.
Weaknesses: Bitchy, belittling, snobby, arrogant, hateful....yes. (These also go under strengths in Kami's opinion)
Special Skills: She can do anything. And I mean anything.
Weapons: Expansive vocabulary, a mind full of insults, teeth, shoes, hands, fencing skills, a glare that can kill you, a sneer that will make you piss, well just about everything she can do, she uses against you.
Fears (Don't think about trying to fend her off with these): Vomit, condiments, people who do not use drugs, skimpy clothes and running out of cigarettes.

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